CK Be Calvin Klein EDT 3.4 Oz Spray For Men

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CK Be Calvin Klein EDT 3.4 Oz Spray For Men

This was the follow-up fragrance to the wildly popular and groundbreaking ck One. Another wildly popular unisex scent that has proven itself to be just as good as its predecessor. It is as crisp and clean smelling as ck One with top notes of bergamot, juniper berry, mandarin, mint, lavender and white musk. Middle notes are light spices, magnolia, peach and more white musk. It is rounded out with notes of sandalwood, opoponax, tonka bean and (again) white musk.

cK Be fragrance takes a closer look at who we are within this ageless, raceless, genderless world. It dares us to take risks, make mistakes, be unpredictable. It invites us to close our eyes, to open our minds, and to dream

Notes: Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Mandarin, Mint, Magnolia, Peach, Sandalwood, Opoponax, Tonka Bean.

Style:A unique and unpredictable scent that feels warm and intimate.

Recommend Use: Day, Evening, Night